About Astra

Astra brings disruptive and innovative technologies to market through a rigorous due diligence and opportunity assessment program called the Astra Gate. The end result is a revenue producing opportunity that has the highest possibility of success and returns for stakeholders. The process is agile, lean and highly optimized for rapid execution focused on the growing demand for software and security between consumers and producers of internet-based content enabled by smartphones and tablets.

Through our subsidiary co-investment and affiliate partnerships, Astra Veda provides a variety of unique tools and software applications that innovative resources for customers and partners to enhance and secure existing platforms.

Our Ventures

We co-found technology companies and incubate them to maturity to generate revenue for Astra and our partners. We build winning products in a capital-efficient way using lean methodologies.

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Our Team

Our multidisciplinary professionals have decades of experience in business development, software development, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity and product & service design.

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Astra for Investors

Astra is listed on the OTC Markets. We also offer select opportunities for accredited investors to partner in our ventures.

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