Astra for Investors

Astra is listed on the OTC Markets and we welcome public investors. Periodically we also offer opportunities for accredited private equity investors to partner in our project ventures.

Astra as an investment opportunity

Astra Veda Corporation (OTC PINK: ASTA), is a Wyoming corporation focused on inventing, accelerating and promoting technical innovations, software applications, data security products and encrypted communication services.

Astra Veda Corporation is public, multinational technology innovator, accelerator, and investment vehicle. We incubate, operate, transform, and build disruptive, growth-oriented technology, services and software that deliver above-market performance and success for our investors, employees and business partners.

Our team of tenured executives and entrepreneurs have global experience across the media and entertainment, healthcare, real estate, construction, government, military and lending services industries.

As start-up entrepreneurs for over 20 years, we have an eye for opportunity, extensive relationships, deep market knowledge, and a keen insight that enables us to better assess risk and quickly capitalize on shifts in the market.  We deploy capital with discipline, often focusing on less-capital-intensive, shorter-time-to-market core and value-add technology investments with the potential to produce outsized returns. We deliver new assets for underserved markets, the structured growth of existing assets, incubating high-caliber startup technologies, and provision custom-labeled solutions.

We are at the forefront of reimagining technology that serves forward-thinking companies, so that they and their employees can thrive — today and into the future.

Our Mission

Astra Veda was founded to create tremendous wealth opportunities for our global stakeholders, partners and accredited investors to deliver substantial capital appreciation and dividend returns through innovative high risk/return projects.

Our Vision

We believe that through revolutionary and disruptive technology developments we can improve the economic prosperity of humanity, help people take back their privacy, time and ability to thrive with greater independence.