Our Ventures and Innovations

We co-found technology companies and incubate them to maturity to generate revenue for Astra and our partners. We build winning products in a capital-efficient way, using design thinking, lean startup and agile development methodologies.

Paranotek LLC

Paranotek is a global innovation company focused on developing mobile apps and licensing robust technologies that increase personal and corporate information privacy through breakthrough advancements in encryption. Paranotek began as a Finnish technology and design company working together with US partners. Paranotek has developed a disruptive and future-proof encryption technology called Parano™ that can be integrated into existing software and apps for everyday life.

Paranotek LLC


Punchzee is a joint venture development effort between Paranotek, LLC and a group of private investors. Punchzee is a disruptive data-driven project management and team communication platform for the construction industry, property management companies and home developers and inspectors.

Punchzee currently manages over 100,000 critical life, safety and fire certification and inspection tasks for companies throughout the eastern United States, including the NYPD and hospital systems through the area.

Sayphr Messages

Securing your communications by cutting off the eavesdroppers. Sayphr is a instant messaging app with all the typical features of a premium messenger with the added bonus of unbreakable security. To ensure the best possible security for your communications, Sayphr Messaging uses the Parano protocol, a unique end-to-end encryption protocol that makes Sayphr currently the only quantum computer resistant messenger app. Altogether Sayphr Messaging features an astonishing three-layer security technology.